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Shopping List

Ezekiel Bread 

Available in Walmart, Whole Foods

Flaxseed Powder/Polvo de Linaza 

Do not buy flaxseed meal. Buy Powder or make powder at home with flaxseeds.

Dave's Bread 

Unsweetened Soy Milk

Available in Walmart and Whole Foods 

Unsweetened soy milk

Trader Joe's

Corn Tortillas

Trader Joe's

Pita Bread 

Trader Joe's

Oats (old fashioned, steel cut or rolled)

Do not buy instant oats. 

Frozen Berries 

frozen berries are inexpensive compared to fresh. 

brown rice 


Frozen Edamame

apple cider vinegar 


Sweet Potatoes

Date Sugar/Azucar de Datil

Coconut Sugar/Azucar de Coco

Do not buy or use Coconut Oil in cooking. It has high saturated fat.



Black Beans 

garbanzo beans/ chickpeas

Mung Lentils 

Black Eyed Peas 

White Beans 

Black Garbanzo Beans / black chick peas

Pinto Beans

Small red beans 

Kidney Beans 

Canned Black or Garbanzo Beans 

Rinse well to remove the salt. 



chia seeds

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